Whether you are looking to create a fashion statement or are just wondering what to wear to work, blue is the color of choice. Beyond the black and navy suits or dress shirts, blue can be an exciting color. It can be bold or soft. It can be the perfect fit for a muted palette or team up well with a flashier color. This blog will show you how to use blue beyond the basics.

1. Let’s talk about blue

Blue is the color of the sky, the ocean, and the pool. It is a calming color that is reminiscent of peace, tranquility, and the quietude of nature. It is also a color that is trending all around, with more and more people embracing the color.

2. Capri-and-tusk feels good

The Tusk and Capri is a classic combination that is often overlooked. When you think of the summer uniform, you often think of something in black or navy. But there is a whole world of colors out there that are perfect for the warmer months. Check out these two colors that will help you expand your summer wardrobe.

3. Olympic blue pairing with camel

Blue is the color of the Olympics, you probably already know this. But what you might not know is how to wear the color blue stylish shirts for men in everyday life. The color blue is quite possibly the most versatile color of all. The color is often associated with trust, loyalty, intelligence, and peacefulness. It is a color that has been used in fashion for decades.  Drive it with camel brown to explore more color palettes.

4. Adriatic  blue paring with charcoal black

The Adriatic Sea is the largest in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic blue represents a soothing and refreshing shade of blue that is often associated with the Mediterranean. It is a pleasing hue that is neither too bright nor too dark. It is a color that looks good on almost everyone, and it’s also a color that can be paired with many colors combine it with charcoal to stand out of the box, and style it to fit your style – whether you are wearing it to a business meeting or you are wearing it in your casual wardrobe.

5. Azure pairing with coastline

Are you sick of black and navy? If so, you’re certainly not alone. These two hues have been “it” for so long that they’re starting to feel a little played out. Luckily, there are plenty of other hues to consider when adding a blue hue to your wardrobe. You can stick to the basics with the traditional pairing of black and navy, or you can go for something more unexpected like azure blue with a coastline pattern. Or else, try a cool blue hue like turquoise, ocean blue, or oxford blue with

6. Shoreline blue pairing with ivory

There are a lot of colors that can be paired with blue. Aside from black, and white. This season, instead of the usual black and navy, designers are urging us to try something different — blue. Now, we’re not talking about just any blue. It’s Shoreline blue, a shade in the middle of the color wheel that can be used to create cool and calm color palettes. You will love to pair shoreline blue with ivory, this combination makes you look more classic.


The color blue is one of the most popular in a wardrobe. You can dress in blue for nearly every occasion and style. In this blog post, we wanted to go beyond the traditional “black and navy” ways to wear blue, and show how versatile and fashionable it can be!