Choose Hostbillo’s USA Dedicated Server for High-Performance


Hostbillo is one of the best hosting companies in USA that provides high-quality web hosting services. A website’s high performance is what an owner wants when he hosts millions of visitors. That’s why owning a dedicated server when you host this much number of visitors, is the perfect solution. Hostbillo is the one company that provides affordable and top-notch hosting solutions. So, here in this article, you will learn about USA Dedicated Server of the company and what it provides that is good for a site’s performance. So. let’s get started.

Hostbillo Hosting Solution

Hostbillo is well renowned as the fastest-evolving company which provides affordable USA Dedicated Server services. The company’s top-notch hosting services include server features like unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage, RAM, CPU, and many more. Also, you will get root access to the server which will allow you to have full control over the server space. Not only the flexible hosting features you get but also the reliable customer support is one of the main reasons why people opt for their facilities.

Impact of a Dedicated Server USA on Your Website’s Performance

Impact of a Dedicated Server USA on Your Website's Performance

Everyone knows dedicated servers are a powerful and reliable hosting solution for high-traffic websites. So, when you host a site that gets millions of visitors in a month then this server is the best at this place. Unlike other web hosting types, this server serves the great performance of the website as the kind of resources it provides are commendable. Let’s know about the BestDedicated Server USA features that impact a good performance on the website.

Page Load Speed

Easy page load speed is required for better performance of the website. Hosting on servers like shared and VPS, you may have gotten some issues like slow page load speed for your high-traffic website. The amount of bandwidth that you get with the server is enough for your site to load quickly and with ease. Bandwidth will help to transfer the page information to the user in nanoseconds so your user won’t have to wait much. And USA Dedicated Server is the one that provides a great amount of Bandwidth.

SSD Storage

Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server USA provides SSD disk space for the user instead of HDD. HDD is the traditional disk space that uses old technology techniques to upload the data on the server. But it takes more time to load the data however SSD that uses the latest technology methods to upload the data can load it very quickly. That’s why Hostbillo provides an SSD storage facility with its dedicated server services. And, these features enhance the performance of the website.

DDoS Protection

DDoS means Denial of Service Attacks that can dangerously harm your website. So, to secure your site from DDoS attacks you should take great precautions. And, USA Dedicated Server from Hostbillo gives total security to safeguard your site from them. It also scans malware which is also another online threat and protects your site from this too.

99.90% Uptime Guarantee 

Network uptime is also one of the important factors that you should look into before choosing the services. As this increases the performance of your site so getting Hostbillo’s USA Dedicated Server services are the ones that are ideal for a website. As the company offers a 99.90% network uptime guarantee to the users and sticks up to the mark.

SSH Root Control

When you have full control of the server you can modify or make changes to the website as you want. With root access to the server, you are now the administrator, so if you want to change the design of the website and make it responsive, you can do so. So, having Root control of the server is essential when you want a good performance of the site and Hostbillo provides you with exactly that.

Cheap Dedicated Server USA Plans and Packages

There should be a question in your mind that in how much price you can get for the server and here we are explaining that.

Hostbillo provides its Cheap Dedicated Server USA services which start at $45 per month and include server resources like Processor(Xeon E3-1230V3 – 3.30 GHz), Core/Threds(4 C/8 T), RAM(16 GB), Storage(250 GB SSD), and Bandwidth(20 TB). Additional features like security, free SSL certificate, DDoS protection, and many more such things you will get. The server is so powerful that it can handle millions of traffic easily without any downtime. So, Hostbillo’s USA Dedicated Server is the one that is suitable for all conditions for a high-traffic site. 


A server-like dedicated server of Hostbillo is one that is capable of providing the best performance to your site. As the company provides Linux Dediacted Server USA and Windows for your site so you can pick any one of them to host the site. There are hundreds of choices that you can make with Hostbillo so getting its USA Dediacted Server services are the perfect one that you can have for your site. It provides 24*7 customer care support too with all its web hosting services. Their experts will help you go through every issue.