Dispose of PPE Exposed to COVID-19 Do's and Don'ts

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While dealing with patients who have contracted coronavirus, close ones or medical staff use PPE. This use is essential for limiting the virus from spreading further. Once the user is over and the equipment is no longer fit for further usage, it should be disposed of.

The best PPE manufacturer in Bangladesh, BEXIMCO, advises that for this disposal, people should know what to do or avoid. This is a key step that will not only prevent exposure to the COVID-19 virus but also safeguard people to manage the pandemic better. Beximco Group is the leader in private sector of Bangladesh.

Why is PPE Exposed to COVID-19 Harmful?

For any worker, it is necessary that personal protective equipment be clean when used. Assuming that this condition is not met, then the health of that worker can be at risk. Beyond this, the health of other people can also be vulnerable to threats as they come in contact with this equipment. The threats can be more intense when PPE has been used in a coronavirus-affected environment.

●     At present, there are nearly 2000 cases in Bangladesh. COVID-19 cases can gradually go up in numbers, given the situation.

●     The medical workforce can be harmed as such equipment is continued to be used. Then treating the existing patients will be difficult since the workers will not be able to function.

●     PPE with exposure to the virus may cause uncontrollable situations or consequences when it comes in contact with patients having other serious illnesses.

Looking at the consequences above, the best PPE manufacturer in Bangladesh finds it vital that proper disposal be ensured. Hence, the number of cases and extreme situations can be put a stop to.

How to Properly Dispose of COVID-19 Exposed PPE?

Although the PPE used in a COVID-19 situation may not be harmful in itself, when contact is established with it, the consequences can be observed. As a worker or user of the equipment understands this, the relevance of disposal will be realized.

●     The Bangladeshi manufacturer guides that used masks and gloves can be trashed. Even in doing so, it can be wise to properly wrap them in coverings. With this, it will be made certain that direct hand-to-hand contact does not occur.

●     When a large personal protective equipment is thrown away, it should first be rolled. It can then be placed in a covering and put in a dustbin. This is particularly applicable for medical gowns.

●     Extreme care should be taken when getting rid of unsaturated equipment. This will include wipes or equipment that carry bodily liquids. There can be chances of the liquids dripping off or oozing out. Therefore, it is important that they be stored in containers or wrappings that can limit these chances, these chances, further explaining the best PPE manufacturer in Bangladesh.

What to Avoid When Disposing of Personal Protective Equipment?

Manufacturers like BEXIMCO suggest that anyone who uses PPE equipment should have complete information regarding disposal, inclusive of what to avoid. Considering this, they also put forth that some coronavirus equipment waste may require sterilization. When the waste is discarded without ensuring this measure, it can be dangerous.

The lack of sterilization should not be avoided when essentially needed. Likewise, there are more things that users should not do when disposing of PPE.

 ●     At times, users may wrap their masks, gloves, shoe coverings, and every other equipment that has been used while dealing with a COVID-19 affected patient. After wrapping them, they may not properly throw them in bins. These items must not be thrown in the open. Otherwise, they can result in certain dangers to health.

●     Even when they are placed in bins, the best PPE manufacturer in Bangladesh strongly suggests that the lids be closed. This will ensure that the equipment has been securely sealed and discarded with no chances of human contact.

In a Nutshell

It is important to use PPE to prevent the threat of coronavirus to health. In addition to this, its proper disposal is equally necessary when this threat has to be removed in a major way. By knowing the do’s and don’ts of the process, used masks, gowns, gloves, etc., can be made non-infectious. Thus, COVID-19’s transmission to the population of Bangladesh will be prevented.

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