Half Tiled Bathroom

Choosing between half-tiled and full-tiled walls is likely to be your deciding factor when tiling your bathroom.

You might be wondering, ‘should I tile the walls from floor to ceiling or only the wet areas?’ Then we can help you with some ideas. The first thing you need to think about is the overall style of your bathroom. Do you want a more contemporary or traditional look? A fully-tiled wall lends itself better to modern decor, but a few tiles placed sparingly around the bathroom can complement both a traditional and contemporary decor style.

Typically, tiles in bathroom design are used to prevent water damage to the walls, and they are usually applied in or around shower enclosures, the walls surrounding baths, and behind the basins. Tiles offer functionality and the possibility of more flexibility and creative freedom in your bathroom design. This guide is all about half tiled bathroom.

Half Tiled Bathroom

The wet areas of a half-tiled or partially-tiled bathroom have tiles, such as the shower enclosures, the floor, the sink, or the bath. You can also use tiles as a backsplash. There is a certain amount of tiling on the bathroom walls, and the parts of the bathroom that are not tiled are painted or wallpapered.

A half-tiled bathroom is a unique and stylish design choice that can add a touch of elegance to any bathroom space. This design features tile that covers half of the wall, typically from the countertop to the ceiling, and the other half is left unfinished. The contrast between the smooth, clean lines of the tiled wall and the raw, natural textures of the bare wall creates a visual interest that draws the eye.

The tile can range from classic white subway tile to colorful, bold patterns that make a statement. This design can also be customized to fit the specific aesthetic of the bathroom, making it a versatile option for homeowners looking to add a touch of character to their space.

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Is it a good idea to tile halfway up a bathroom wall?

Incorporating paint into the mix and adding wall hangings and fixtures to a halfway-tiled bathroom offers many opportunities to customize, decorate, and personalize your private space.

It is possible to create a very cohesive look and a very defined bathing area by placing tile only in the splash zones above the sink and above the tub. By installing tile halfway up the wall in a bathroom, you can create an unexpected effect by using a different tile in standard locations. 

It is important to personalize a bathroom by doing something ordinary but in a way that isn’t common; consider new ways to use the tile without becoming repetitive.

Advantages of half-tiled bathrooms

We’ve highlighted a few of the critical benefits of part-tiling your bathroom.

·        The modern experience

Half-tiling a bathroom is a versatile way to make your bathroom look more contemporary if you are leaning towards a contemporary style. The combination of neutral-colored tiles or marble tiles with white or off-white paintwork creates an airy, spacious room that mimics the feel of a hotel’s en-suite. We offer a variety of modern bathroom suites to match the style of your bathroom; geometric shapes, natural materials, and minimalist touches paired with new porcelain tiles make for a simplistic, functional space.

·        Fewer tiles needed

Compared with fully tiling a bathroom, only having tiles installed in certain areas is significantly less expensive in terms of materials. Therefore, this is a budget-friendly option, and you can even choose to use expensive feature tiles to create a focal point in your room to make the most of your savings.

·        Cheaper

Having part-tiled walls in your bathroom is one of the most significant benefits of doing so compared to full-tiled walls. Using high-end tile on half of the bathroom walls will save you money, even if you use a high-quality, expensive tile. The cost of painting sections to complete a room is considerably less than the cost of marble tiles from floor to ceiling, and it allows you to express your creativity more when you’re thinking of ideas for your bathroom decor.

·        Creative options

Half-tiling offers versatility; you can match tiles with practically any color of paintwork and a variety of suite pieces. If you want to go down a more traditional route or something more contemporary, the options are endless. Even if only half of your bathroom is tiled, you can complement a period-inspired theme with framed art or stand out by choosing a bold color scheme above the tiles. In addition to providing greater creative freedom, half-tiling allows you to change the paint color during future renovations without taking your bathroom apart.

·        Speedier work

Compared to a full-tiled style, fewer tiles are needed, so it will take less time to decorate your bathroom walls. This makes realizing your dream bathroom much faster and allows you to devote more time to fine-tune the details.

Disadvantages of half tiled bathroom

·        Deficiency

It can be too easy to create an imbalanced look when you tile only part of your bathroom.

This happens when the tiling is positioned awkwardly about the rest of the bathroom. Keep an eye out for this, and make sure you have a balanced and symmetrical tile layout.

·        You will need more materials.

Tiles don’t have to be expensive, but you may need skirting boards to cover joints between walls and floors that aren’t tiled. You may also need to have the walls skimmed before painting. This can add to the construction or renovation costs.

·        Mold growth.

Partially tiled bathrooms have a challenging maintenance schedule. Painting walls might grow mold over time if not properly maintained. Invest in mold-resistant paint and install extractor fans to prevent this from happening. Maintaining a well-ventilated bathroom is vital to preventing mold growth.


You are now well-equipped to make an informed decision after reviewing the positives and negatives of a half-tiled bathroom. There is no right or wrong answer here.

It comes down to personal preference when choosing a half-tiled or a fully-tiled bathroom. Your style and budget will also influence your decision.

It’s important to consider what kind of look you’re going for when making your choice. Would you prefer classic wainscoting with tiles only 36 inches in height or a modern and sleek floor-to-ceiling style?

Think about the focal point of your bathroom and what you are trying to achieve. Half-tiled bathrooms might make more sense if you’re working with a limited budget.

If you want a more stylish bathroom and are comfortable spending more, consider a fully-tiled bathroom. Making a decision about the design and then determining your budget is essential.

When tiling your bathroom, these should be your deciding factors.

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