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Washing your car is a satisfying experience that will improve the look of your ride. Nothing makes your car last longer than a good wash.

This is a guide on how to hand wash your car at home.

Preparing to Wash the Car

The preparation of the wash takes place in three stages. They are as follows.

Park your car out of direct sunlight.

There are many reasons why you need to park your car out of the sunlight when preparing to wash it. The first reason is not to leave stains on the paint due to premature drying.

The second reason is to prevent your car from becoming hot while washing it. It would help if you ensured that your windows were up to prevent water from getting inside the car.

Get the washing equipment.

To wash your car, you need to have all the equipment you will use. The equipment includes three buckets, car wash soap, a hose, cleaning material, a giant sponge, a separate brush for scrubbing the tires, and a microfibre cloth for drying your car.

Fill your buckets with water.

You need to fill three buckets with water. Two buckets will be for washing while the third one will be for rinsing. Add your car washing soap to the two buckets. You can choose one bucket for the body while the other for the different parts like tires.

Washing the Car

After gathering your materials, you are now ready to wash the car.

Hose off the car.

The main reason why you are doing the hosing is to loosen and soften the dirt. Point the hose down to avoid water getting inside the vehicle if the windows rubber seals have flaws.

You can also use a foam cannon to loosen the dirt and debris on the vehicle.

Wash your car using a large wash mitt.

Soak a large wash mitt in soapy water and apply the foam onto your car body. You should not use a brush to scrub the car’s body as it will scratch your car’s painting.

Wash section by section.

You must start cleaning the vehicle section by section, concentrating more on the dirty surfaces. One trick you can use is washing the car’s upper areas first. This allows the lower surfaces to get wet while cleaning the higher surfaces.

The lower parts are the dirtiest, and you must wash them last. You will need to scrub off the mud and dirt from the surfaces. Use a different wash mitt to avoid getting the previous wash mitt.

Scrub bird droppings.

It is impossible not to have bird droppings on the top of your car. You need to dampen the droppings with water to soften them. Slightly scrub the droppings without scratching the surface hard. Bird droppings are known to ruin a car’s paintings if left unattended.

Keep the mitt clean.

You should frequently rinse off the dirt from your wash sponge or mitt if you do not want to do the same thing repeatedly. Dirt sponges are bound to have dirt and grime. The dirt will scratch the surface of your car.

Drying and Waxing

You need to dry your car surfaces to prevent rust from building up. Use many microfiber towels to dry the car. After drying the car, wax it severally to get rid of any water sitting around.


Hand washing your car at home can be pretty simple if you follow the above simple procedure. So, go get that car squeaky clean!