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Does your armpit sweat a lot?

Have you ever wondered why?

There may be times when your underarms just get a little wet. The amount of perspiration we experience depends on many reasons.It could be our everyday physical activities, body temperature, and emotional well-being. But if the sweat concern is in excess, there can be more serious issues you might be facing.

The main reason behind the underarm perspiring in excess can be hyperhidrosis. It is the state when the sweat glands in the armpit begin to produce more perspiration than regular triggering the body temperature. This is the situation that causes embarrassment, frustration, and discomfort in the individuals.

Luckily, there are many DIYs and topical excessive underarm sweating treatments that patients can rely upon. 

So, let us begin discussing these types of treatment in detail.

Advanced Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatments 


Antiperspirants are the first choice and recommendation of dermatologists for underarm sweat-concerned patients. It usually comprises aluminum salts as the active ingredient. Such a component is known to lower the sweat amount produced by the glands. The underarm perspiration grabs the aluminum salts deep into the pores beneath the armpit skin surface. As a result, the sweat flow mechanism stops. The best that can be done is to apply the antiperspirants at night.

It is one of the affordable and less invasive treatments. Furthermore, antiperspirants sold over the counter or those that dermatologists with specific experience recommend are beneficial. These deliver improved sweat reduction.


One of the permanent and specialized treatments to eliminate annoying underarm sweat is miraDry. It is an FDA-approved and non-invasive treatment that comprises the use of topical cream to numb the target area accompanying electromagnetic energy use to treat. The patients can expect odor and sweat-free armpits.

The miraDry treatment provides long-lasting results. Its use of microwave energy eliminates the odor and underarm sweat glands. These glands do not grow back or can produce sweat again. Also, 2-3 sessions would be sufficient to experience the most effective results possible. In simple words, the patients can expect permanent and quick results. Thus, eliminating any need for deodorants or temporary antiperspirants.


When antiperspirants are not sufficient to deal with underarm sweat. There is one more treatment type addition to the miraDry solution. It is the botox injectables. It is usually the cosmetic surgery type that uses botulinum elements with impressive capability to lower armpit perspiration. Botox in Canberra is an effective toxin that can numb the human cells or paralyze them completely. Therefore, it is essential to get advice and be treated by a professional doctor. This will ensure safe and effective results.

Besides, Botox can help cure other skin concerns like aging signs, wrinkles, palmar hyperhidrosis, etc. 


It is also known as a no-sweat medical machine. Iontophoresis treatment utilizes electricity to eliminate the production of sweat temporarily. This treatment can be performed by the patients at home. It is a time-consuming solution but undoubtedly effective. Also, each of the sessions may require 20-40 minutes.

Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatment Alternatives

Lightweight Clothing is the Key

Loose-fitting wearables that are light in color and weight can reduce the chances of perspiration. It allows the skin to breathe easily. Also, choosing clothes made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials help absorb the sweat easily. Thus, avoiding the perspiration staying on the skin or clothes resulting in sweat, odor, and bacteria.

Change Your Lifestyle

Changing your daily hygiene routine is essential. Shower frequently if possible and wear breathable clothes. It will eliminate the hyperhidrosis symptoms. Also, you can visit the skin clinic in Canberra to get professional assistance on how to make lifestyle changes.

Avoid Sweat-Inducing Foods

You may love having weekend cocktails and spicy and fried food after having a long hectic day. However, you would not like the way they encourage sweating. All the spicy foods, alcohol, and excessive caffeine contribute to increased perspiration. Hence, avoiding such foods can help reduce the risks of increased armpit perspiration.

Use Clinical-Grade Wipes

The specialized dermatologists say cloth wipes with glycopyrronium tosylate component help lower underarm perspiration. These are the one-time use cloth wipes that ensure continued benefits when used every day.

Stop Smoking

The nicotine present in the cigarettes enters your body and is much like caffeine that raises the body temperature. As a result, the heart tends to beat much faster triggering the sweat glands to produce more perspiration.

Hence, reducing the extreme sweat concern and boosting the overall health requires avoiding such poor health hygiene.

Regular Armpit Shaving is Essential

If you do not want to get the cosmetic treatment done, remember armpit shaving is a must. The hair in the underarms retains moisture which means hair removal is necessary. It reduces the hyperhidrosis problem in the underarms.

In addition, regular shaving will also eliminate or reduce the odor problem.


Armpit sweat is easily treatable. You can get such type of hyperhidrosis control by changing your diet and lifestyle and reducing the intake of sweat-inducing foods. All of this will help manage sweat. However, when the underarm sweat is in excess, you need to consult a dermatologist to get the efficient and safe solution recommended. Usually, the most effective treatment for excessive sweat is Botox and miraDry. These assure dry and comfortable underarms. Thus, making the patients stay more confident in their skin.