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The website movierulz is very famous for leaking pirated movies online. The website is one of the earliest torrent websites ever created. The website posts pirated movies online, and sometimes movierulz leaks a film before its official release. Movierulz not only releases Bollywood films but also Telugu and Hollywood films in many languages. Users prefer to view movies at the website rather than at movie theatres because the website leaks all languages of films for free.

Watching pirated movies is illegal, and everyone from actors to directors to the government is strongly against it and asking the public not to advertise for it. Filmmakers spend a lot of time, money, and effort creating a movie, thus it’s bad when websites like movierulz take those movies and make them freely available to viewers.

Movierulz’s services

The website movierulz does the same thing like every other torrent website. They leak movies illegally and you will even get them in high definition and many other good qualities. The videos are entirely pirated, which has a major negative impact on the various film businesses.

The website’s primary purpose is to leak online pirated films, videos, and web series. Movierulz provides free pirated versions of films in a wide range of languages, including pirated Hollywood films, pirated hindi films, pirated tamil films, pirated kannada films, and pirated bollywood films. The website provides many services and always raises questions about where and they get movies in such high quality even sometime before the release!

Movierulz’s safety

There is no risk to users’ safety or security on the website, but safety is a personal matter.

Intentionally harming you or your systems is not being done by movierulz

However, there are certain problems that are present indirectly, mostly the pop-up advertisements. The website has a lot of pop-up ads, some of which can corrupt your system and browser with harmful plugins and extensions.The website does copyright violations and leak pirated content. Therefore, using Movie rulz to watch or download movies could result in legal action.

You might get into trouble if you use these websites. It is best to avoid using computers because even viruses have been known to infect devices and alter operating systems or steal data. You use these websites completely at your own risk.

Why piracy is so popular in India ?

Majority of Indians monthly earn on an average of ₹15,000, the money is so low that many Indians are struggling to even provide their families basic needs. On the other hand watching a movie in the theatre is pretty expensive which many Indians can not afford and that is the reason they download pirated movies from websites like movierulz unaware of the law break and the consequences. Thus, the piracy is increasing in popularity daily.

There are some other reasons as well, for example – These pirated websites are one of the main reasons for the growth of the Indian gaming industry and the craze. Yes! These websites are one of the main reason as like movies, games are expensive too for an average Indian teenager and because of this the teenager are often go in websites like movierulz in order to download the games illegally and that’s how this industry got many underdog players who may have been lost in crowd because of money reason. Players who cannot access or afford games are able to play them because to piracy.

How does Movierulz make profits?

Movierulz simply used a variety of domain redirection methods to bring traffic to the original site where users may download movies. In order to do so, movierulz registers multiple domains and maintains numerous websites together. Whenever google or government block one domain they alter them with another one and keep up the work and earn in million as per the expectations.

How is the government fighting piracy?

A while back, multiple complaints about movie piracy were made to the government.

Many websites online, including movierulz, collect movies quickly from DVDs or movie theatres and distribute them all over the world. Despite the hard work of state and central cyber cell agencies, several websites are now blacklisted with Torrent & Movierulz. Even with all the hard work the government is doing to stop piracy, the piracy is only increasing as it is so hard to find or catch the person behind these websites.

How you will find the new Movierulz site

As we said above, the website movierulz keeps changing their domain and URL so if you think that once you find the website and save it in a bookmark list then you are going wrong way as few days later the website will get removed by google or government because of the illegal piracy activities. The best way to find the new or working movierulz website is to search with the keywords like – movierulz, movierulez, movierul, movie-rulezz etc. then if your luck going well you might find the website but we never gonna suggest you to use them or even visit these websites as your system might get in touch with viruses and malwares. Instead, we are making a list below of some legal and safe websites where you can watch or download movies without worrying of going to jail or infecting your precious system.

Legal alternative of Movierulz

There are many alternate website (legal) to watch movies exclusively, some we listed below:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime
  • ZEE 5
  • Hotstar
  • Jio Cinema
  • MXplayer
  • Voot
  • Sony Liv

These are some websites you can visit and watch movies and download them with a very small amount of subscription and safety.

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We have covered all details and facts about movierulz above, we are highly against the piracy and we highly recommend you as well to not promote or do piracy. There are many troubles you might face because of this and the piracy impacts a lot of countries’ economies. If the piracy websites like movierulz doesn’t stop then soon there will be a time when many filmmakers will be bankrupt and stop making movies as the main target of these websites are movies more than any other contents they upload illegally.