indian bank login
indian bank login

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Indian Bank is a major bank in India. It is a part of the Indian government’s ministry of finance.

Its headquarters are in Chennai, India, where it was founded in 1907.

As we are talking about indian bank login information and other things, first learn more about the bank as it is one of India’s top performing public sector banks, it has 5,721 branches with 5,428 ATMs and cash deposit machines and employs 39,734 people. It also serves over 100 million customers. As of the end of March 2022, the bank’s total business reached 1,010,000 crore (US$130 billion).

Indian Bank History

The Indian bank is one of the oldest banks in India and as we are talking about indian bank login, we will go into the past first to know about the bank’s history. The Indian Bank, a historic bank owned by the Government of India, was founded on March 5, 1907, as Indian Bank Limited, and it began its operations on August 15, 1907, as part of the Swadeshi Movement. For the needs of both its individual and business clients, Indian Bank provides a range of deposit options. Schemes for credit, advances, and loans specifically created for its clients. It also provides customers, both individuals and businesses, with a variety of unique services. The Bank introduced its first foreign branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 1932, and it established a branch in Singapore in 1941.

For the outstanding performance in Self Help Groups (SHG) in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in the financial years 2002–2003, Indian Bank was awarded by NABARD. Indian Bank opened its first office in Mumbai and launched the Bharat Card in 2006. The Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce and Corporation Bank joined into a strategic collaboration in the financial year 2006-07. In order to provide banking and financial services to the general public at their doorsteps, Indian Bank introduced Ind on-line Doorstep Banking in March 2007. Regarding indian bank login, scroll down.

How to login in Indian bank website

As we all know that Indian Bank and Allahabad Bank merged on April 1, 2020, so if you you are an old customer of Allahabad Bank, you do not need to re-register for internet banking; your login information will remain the same as it was in the previous Allahabad Bank Internet banking. Below we shared the steps for indian bank login,

  1. Go to and type in your current internet banking user ID.
  2. After entering the captcha value, press the login button.
  3. You will now be asked to input your login password after providing correct information.
  4. Enter your internet banking login password and click on the login button.
  5. The system then confirms the details and if the details match then let you log in.
  6. Both the transaction password and the login password must be changed on the first login. There is an option to skip changing the transaction password alone if you have forgotten your transaction password or if you do not want to change it right away.

With the above steps you can complete your indian bank login for net banking and other services but you may wondering what is net banking and what this service may benefit you so let’s see what net banking is,

Net banking 

Net banking is the online banking system by banks. Net banking gives you the opportunity to make banking transactions online instead of physically reaching banks or ATMs.

These services are available to everyone through their respective banks. One of the safest and simplest ways of carrying out financial and non-financial transactions is using this method. To use net banking, you simply need to apply for services from both public and private banks and then you will get your login ID and every details that you would need to log in and just like the way to indian bank login, you can log in to your bank website for internet banking or net banking.

Net banking makes human life so much easier. The system helps both individuals and companies as it is secure, easy and the best part is that you don’t have to go to your bank in order to complete the transaction, you can easily do it through your smartphone or computer.

Benefits of Net banking

  • Tracking function – you can keep track of every transaction you make.
  • Secure – the system is highly secured for the customers.
  • Time Efficient – you read that with a few steps you can do indian bank login, just like that, login and make transactions are so simple and time efficient than visiting your bank.
  • 24/7 Available – you can use net banking  24/7 unless the bank is facing some technical issues.
  • Easy To Use – internet banking is very simple. Anyone can use internet banking services to simplify their lives and make it easier. Compared to counting currency in your pocket, online transactions and banking are much simpler. It is the quickest method of paying bills, moving money, and shopping.
  • Non- Financial Activities – online banking not only simplifies financial transactions but also non-financial ones like issuing cheques, checking account statements and bank balances, and updating account information.

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Disadvantages of Net banking

  • Internet Services – Net banking requires the internet to be connected. Even to access your internet banking account, you need a stable, secure internet connection.
  • Security – banks are always working to make the system secure but still there are some chances that someone will hack your account.
  • Beginners Find It Complicated – almost every beginner faces some difficulties because they are not familiar to the use of internet banking services
  • Difficulty In Managing User Id And Password – It is one of the security features of online banking, but many users, particularly the elderly, find it challenging to manage because you have to enter your login ID and password each time with an OTP in an exact manner. If your information is incorrect, your account will be disabled, locked out, and you won’t be able to access it without the bank’s permission.
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