Must know about lash infills by KA-RAS

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Even if you’re just getting started with lashes, you’ve probably already heard about infills, but you may not be quite clear on what they include. Your eyelashes go through a natural shedding cycle, and as a result, as one of your natural lashes comes out, so does one of your extension lashes. A touch-up appointment known as infill is designed to revitalise your additions and make them seem as if they were just installed. It does not take as long or cost as much as the first set; rather, it merely replaces the lashes that have fallen out over time so that your extensions always seem full and fresh. Neither of these things takes as long nor costs as much as the initial set. Everything you need to know about lash infill and refill sessions from a polish lash and nail salon in Gurgaon is included in this article.

Keep Track of your natural lash cycles

Because the natural eyelash cycle of each individual varies, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to your own cycle. Infill appointments should be scheduled every two to three weeks; however, there is a possibility that you may be allowed to extend the time between appointments or that you will be required to come in somewhat sooner. At the time of your infill session, you need to have at least fifty per cent of your lash extensions still in place for us to be able to recreate the full-set effect. If you have any less than that it takes as much time as a new set to rejuvenate them. In that case, we would rather suggest a new set. If you don’t have any extensions left, you will need a full set. When you reach the six-week mark, the majority of your natural lashes will have shed (with the extensions still on), which means you will almost probably need a new set of lashes.

Maintain a steady schedule with your reservations.

We are known across the industry for our impeccable lash application. Our skilled lash specialists take special precautions to ensure that one extension has adhered to each natural eyelash that is in good condition. By doing so, you guarantee that your lashes will continue to be healthy and will endure for as long as possible. However, we will need your help to ensure that they continue to have a modern appearance. Keeping a regular schedule for your infill sessions is one strategy you may use to accomplish this goal. To ensure that our customers always have a youthful and full appearance, we recommend that they see us for an infill every two to three weeks.

Make sure to book infills in advance.

At the KA-RAS we are really fortunate to have a large number of regular customers that come in once every two to three weeks. Every customer is strongly encouraged to plan infill visits in advance in order to avoid missing out on any opportunities. The Polish Lash and nail salon, KA-RAS customer care number is the most convenient method to make a reservation. To find us, search for “Polish Lash and nail salon” or “KA-RAS” to book a consultation conveniently on your phone. We will be pleased to provide a suitable appointment in accordance with the estimated time required for the service requested and your convenience.

Maintain a high level of aftercare.

The average person loses between two and five natural eyelashes every single day, regardless of whether they use eyelash extensions or not. Taking excellent care of them is one technique to extend their lifespan to the greatest potential extent. Every new customer asks for an aftercare bag that contains our mild Polish Lash and nails salon-recommended cleanser. We recommend using this cleanser every two to three days in order to thoroughly clean your lashes.

Final Words

Every customer at KA-RAS, the best Polish Lash and nail salon gets the same 5-star treatment, whether of whether they came in for a complete set or an infill appointment. You will be welcomed with a tasty treat and a refreshing drink as soon as you arrive, after which you will be shown to your own treatment room and offered a hot towel infused with lavender before your session starts.  We genuinely appreciate being able to take care of our customers, and we do everything in our power to ensure that each lash visit is the highlight of their week.