A well-fitted suit is the requirement of every men’s wardrobe. It might not be wrong to say that a suit is a prior need for a special occasion, business meeting, and other events. 

You will see many options to choose your perfectly fitted outfit from, such as an off-the-rack suit or ready-to-wear outfit, customized suits, and more. But which one is the best? Well, choosing a tailor made suit style is the most preferred and top choice among men.

It’s true that a ready-to-wear suit can’t provide a fitted yet elegant appearance. But a well-tailored suit is capable of offering a sophisticated and smart look.

Moving ahead, we understand that picking the fabric, color, style, and considering other details is challenging. Fortunately, this write-up includes different tailor-madesuit men’s suit styles. We hope this guide will be beneficial to pick up the most suitable suit.

5 Unique Suit Style For Your Wardrobe

1. Classic Fit Suit

Starting our guide with the most popular classic fit outfit/suit.

The name represents the classic fit outfit that provides a sleek and elegant look to men. Furthermore, this suit never goes out of trend and can be worn in the office, at casual parties, weddings, and birthday events too.

Now moving towards color, mostly in the classic fit outfit, men go for a dark color like black, navy blue, or dark brown. But if you prefer it for a casual day party, then light gray is considered the best choice. On the other hand, dark colors are preferred for mostly night parties and special occasions. 

Furthermore, customer have to choose the cloth piece and shade of their choice. Also, avoid patterns like fabric or stripes for this kind of suit.

2. Slim Fit

Flaunt your body with a beautiful slim-fit outfit!

Consider slim-fit outfits as one of the most popular and used tailor-made suit choices. The best part is that this can be worn at any wedding, office party, job interviews, court appearance, etc.

This suit provides a classy and elegant look to an individual.

We suggest you go for a classy color (black, wine, or navy blue) and make it simple. Also, select two buttons, and add a notch lapel. Moreover, if you go for a lightweight fabric (approx 11 oz to 12oz), you can wear it in any season (summers, spring, and winters). 

If you are choosing a slim-fit outfit, then bespoke suit tailoring is the right option. It works well in hiding excess fat and tailor removing extra fabric to provide a slim look.

Further, it offers a stylish, elegant, fitted look to individuals. These suits are narrow over the waist and chest. So, instruct your tailor on your requirements and let them get a slim-fit look for you.

3. Breasted Suits

There are two options, single-breasted suits and second is double-breasted suits.

Single Breasted Suits

Every man must get a single-breasted suit at least once in their lifetime. The single-breasted suit has one button (two or three buttons) row at the front. Most of the men wear this suit type in their day-to-day professional life. It provides a tighter and narrower appearance. Also, it can be paired easily with notch lapels.

Also, in single-breasted suits, you have choices of whether to opt for one, two, or three buttons.

Important Points To Note

One-button suit: While standing, you have to button it up, and to unbutton it while sitting.

Two-button suit: For this suit, you need to button the topmost one while standing and unbutton the same while sitting.

Three-button suit: You can skip buttoning the first button. The middle button should be fastened while standing or sitting, but never use your lower button. The single-breasted suit looks great for every man’s body if you have chosen a tailor-made outfit option.

Double Breasted Suits

Unlike single-breasted suits, the double-breasted suit consists of additional buttons on the side of jackets. Mostly the double-breasted suits have 4 to 8 buttons. The increased number of buttons diverts the focal point and drifts from the seam to a wider frame.

You can choose blue, dark gray, black, or navy blue fabric. It will give a stylish look to you for any occasion. Also, a dark color double-breasted suit is a versatile choice for enhancing everyday look.

If you are opting for a tailor-madeoption, ensure the cut in the jacket is trim and not very long. Also, with the help of sharp and sheen lapels, it will give you a casual look.

4. Vent Suits

You have three available options for vented-style suits.

Single Vent Suits

In a single vent suit, there is a slit (small) on the back side of the suit jacket. The primary function of getting a vent is to make it comfortable and less restrictive for the person wearing it. Moreover, when you are moving around or sitting, the suit shouldn’t seem to be tight.

Sometimes when you buy off-the-rack suits, the jacket becomes restrictive for different people. So, if you are trying the bespoke suits option, then the tailor will manage the cut (vent) as per your body measurements.

Double Vent Suits

Double-vented suits are in trend nowadays because they provide a more professional look.

As you have read, the cut comes in the center of the jacket in a single-vented suit, but in double-vented suits, it’s different. In this, two slits are found on both sides of the suit jacket.

No Vent Suits

As the name suggests, no vent suits don’t have any cuts in the center or sides of the jacket. It is one of the most popular suits in Italy that is used as a classy outfit. So, if you opt for a no-vent suit, stand straight while giving fittings. These suits are generally uncomfortable and more constrictive. You can’t wear this one everyday basis.

5. Unstructured Blazer Suit

One of the best options for a Cool Look is unstructured blazers.

Well, in this type of suit, there is a slight cut, linings, and padding insulation. For summer occasions, you can choose an unstructured blazer, and pastel or earth tones will provide the best look.


As you have gone through our comprehensive guide on different types of tailor-made suits, you can choose the suitable one. Furthermore, your budget, the chosen fabric, detailing, a tailor’s fitting, and comfort are some factors that make a suit more graceful.

Hopefully, now you will be able to make the informative decisions as per the occasion you are planning to attend. Good luck!