The whole drainage system plays a great role in our daily household chores as our day starts with washing face, bathing to washing vegetables, clean dishes for everything we need the proper flow of water through the tapes and there comes the role of the drains which the homeowners often forget to maintain. If the drains are not cleared regularly the water drains slowly, resulting in blockage of the drains and overflow of water.

Since we all know the drains when they get clogged can be very harmful to our health and can lead to leakage damage to the whole plumbing system. There are many benefits of drain cleaning which we will briefly discuss here. The experts advise to clean the drains after 2-3 months to maintain hygiene and avoid any extra amount of structural damage caused by the clogged drains.There are many benefits of Nassau County sewer and drain cleaning which we will briefly discuss here.

So, let’s discuss some of the advantages of maintain a clean drainage system:

  1. Free from nasty odors-

If you keep cleaning drains, the dirt accumulated in it will be removed. The nasty odors that the stucked food waste and dirt cause will be reduced. The odors make the whole house smelly and it becomes very embarrassing too. It is just like bathing and brushing your home is the same as your body which needs to be hygienic or else it will affect you mentally and physically both. When you keep allowing solid waste and food particles to go down the drains for a longer period it gets clogged which are not easy to clean. The clogged drains require proper professional cleaning because they do it effectively but it’s better to take the action beforehand. If you frequently clean the drains, sinks, pipes or change your stopper the drains will never clog.

  1. Protects from structural damage as well defects in the drainage system-

The clogged drains which happen when it is not maintained properly can lead to structural damages. The clogged drains can slow the flow in the pipes and also lead to leaks. The pipes get corroded and the flow of water also gets disturbed. Yet this is another reason to clean your drains regularly.

  1. Reduce pests, bacteria and microbes-

A water leak or clogged drain can leverage the growth of molds as they do not take much time to grow; it takes hardly 24-48 hrs to grow. The clogged drains lead to the breeding place of mosquitoes and other pests, the dirty Overflowing water increases the growth of bacteria and microbes. If you avoid the importance of cleaning the plumbing system or drains or keep clogged drains untreated the bacteria keeps thriving and affecting the health of your family members. The microorganisms can cause: typhoid, Campylobacter, Salmonella, E.coli staph etc. The pests most likely the cockroaches, drain flies, silverfish etc are very nasty and can badly harm your family’s health.  Especially if you have kids in your home, maintenance of a safe and clean house should be your first priority.

So by keeping your bathroom, kitchen and all the drains clean you will be protecting your family against all bacterial infections and diseases.

  1. Does not result in serious blockage or slower drains problems-

if you keep cleaning the drains the dust particles, minerals, debris will not be able to accumulate and create havoc. The debris and minerals when accumulated for longer periods disturb the smooth flow of water through the pipes and make drains slower. If you don’t check the drains it will lead to blockage and cause you some major repercussions like backflow of the water, overflow, leaks etc.

  1. Increase the longevity of the pipes and efficiency of the plumbing system-

If you keep maintaining a clean drainage system the disruption, cloggage, leaks and damages to pipes will be reduced which will help to increase the longevity of the pipes. Everything has a lifespan but if we take care it can be increased as in the case of pipes, tapes, bathtub etc, the cleaning of drains will indirectly help them to work effectively.

  1.  Savings-

Regular maintenance and cleaning of drains help you to save money as you do not have to pay a huge amount to your plumber for fixing damage in the pipes and the drain. The clogged drains need professional cleaning so that sum will also remain in your pocket. It is better if yearly maintenance is done by an expert or a professional. It is highly advisable so that the whole year you can spend without any damage to the plumbing system.

The above explanation should be enough to know how vital it is to clean your drains. It is really vital because it will affect your day to day life. Without clean water through your tapes you cannot start your day, so be aware before it’s too late.

If you are worried how you can clean the pipes or drains by yourself, then we have the solution for that also-

 The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about cleaning our drains is chemical cleaners which are widely available in the market. But we should avoid using such harmful chemical cleaners as they are not good for the pipes. The chemical cleaners can be caustic to the pipes and can damage them. The cleaning of the drainage system depends on how severe the blockage is. Usually professionals are best in cleaning the clogged drains. But if you keep your pipes clean it will reduce the blockage in drains.

So the best way to clean the pipes or drains is to use vinegar. You can pour hot water and some baking soda to vinegar to clean drains, this will effectively remove the nasty odors spread by the microbes and bacteria. The vinegar is very efficient in removing the stains and dirt.