If you are a student, choosing a social media research question can be beneficial as well as challenging for you. It is because social media is a new field constantly propagating in almost every sphere of life. Therefore, students can come up with many interesting topics for their research. Choosing the right research question on social media can help you to get high marks in your dissertation.

In this article, the best writers of a top dissertation writing service will give you many important social media research questions that you can use to design your research topic.

1.     Digital democracy and its impact on political participation:

Social media has started a new form of democracy called digital democracy. People are interacting politically on various social media platforms. You can now get any information from social media. Not only that, you can politically participate in the latest political issues through social media. Because of this, analyzing the impact of digital democracy on political participation can be a great research question for you.

2.     Social media and digital marketing:

Many new start-ups and small businesses are using social media platforms for marketing. These social platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, deliver online content constantly to the people. You can make interesting social media research questions by analyzing these platforms’ advertising and marketing strategies and observing how these platforms help to improve businesses.

3.     The psychological impact of social media:

The most important topic on social media is the psychological impact of social media in the past few decades. Many social media researchers focus on this perspective. This means that you can get help from many studies to develop your research question. You can explore both the negative and positive impacts of social media sites on users’ mental health. This way, you can also suggest guidelines to improve the mental health of people through social media. You can cover all the approaches that can improve the mental health of people through social media.

4.     Social media and political campaign:

You can make another research question related to social media and political campaigns. Social media platforms are used as tools for the election campaign. You can take the example of the great scandal of Cambridge Analytica, where users’ personal data is used to shift their behaviour and choices during the US election. After this event, the impact of social media on political campaigns became an important issue. You can explore different social media strategies by various politicians to check how social media helps in election campaigns. By studying these strategies, you can know how voters now interact on social media.

5.     Misinformation and propaganda on social media:

This world is an era of fifth-generation warfare. Fifth-generation warfare is deadly. It is a war of perceptions and information. Social media plays a significant role in the spread of fifth-generation warfare. Fake news is increasing because of the increasing misuse of social media sites. You can use social media research questions that focus on how social media websites allow the spread of misinformation and propaganda.

6.     How social media can benefit society:

While there are so many drawbacks of social media, the positive aspects of social media are not invisible. Because of social media, freedom of speech is propagated. People can now talk about their rights openly through social media. Social media spreads online content on many social issues. Through these social media research questions, you can research deeply into the factors that make social media a tool to change society positively. It will let you understand how social media activities impact community trends.

7.     Impact of social media on children:

The use of social media among children is now very common. Many studies show that social media impacts children’s learning and development abilities. Many children constantly use social media without the supervision of parents or teachers. The development of children is highly affected by the social interaction happening online. You can study this area by examining how social media derail or improve the development of children.

8.     Evolution of communication process through social media:

Social media has changed the ways we communicate in this world. The tone of voice, non-verbal cues and body language are absent when you communicate on social media. You can use this as your social media research questions. This will allow you to analyze the communication process on social media. People are now using emojis and many other ways to express their emotions. You can learn how social media is evolving the ways we communicate with one another. You can find a theory of communication that can suggest changing social media into a more accountable source of communication.

9.     How social media spreads information and important news:

People can now easily get the latest information and news about political, social and economic events through social media sites. Social media has now become a big news network. Traditional news channels also use social media to deliver current news to their audience. If you explore this social media research question, you can analyze the innovations and changes in how news is spreading now.

10. How social media is a way to do non-traditional advertising:

Regular advertisements are not the only way of marketing businesses. Social media has also paved many new ways for businesses to do non-traditional marketing and advertising. This is an interesting social media research question as it will allow you to learn many new ways of marketing strategies through social media.


The above social media research questions are the most trending topics you can use in your research. Social media has both negative and positive impacts on society. You can discuss how social media is beneficial for society as it spreads news and promotes freedom of speech. You can also discuss the negative aspect of social media and how it promotes misinformation and impacts mental health. In short, there are so many important areas which you can cover in your research.