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Smooth, plush velvet is frequently used in furniture, personal apparel. And other textile applications. Due to how pricey it used to be to create velvety fabrics, this material is sometimes connected to nobility. Even though the majority of contemporary velvet is tainted with cheap synthetic ingredients, this particular fabric is still among the smoothest, softest artificial materials ever created. The phrase “velvety” so signifies “smooth as velvet.” Velvet used to be manufactured from silk in the past typically. Today, linen, cotton, wool, and synthetic fibres can all be used to make velvet. We provide the best Muslin Fabric Price Contact our store and pick up your fabric today.

Velvet has frequently been connected to aristocracy due to its remarkable softness and look and its exorbitant cost of production. Kashmiri traders brought velvet to Baghdad during the reign of Harun al-Rashid, and Ziryab brought it to Al-Andalus. Cairo was the world’s leading producer of velvet during the Mamluk era. A large portion of it was exported to Venice, Iberia, and the Mali Empire, from where it spread to most of Europe. On his way to Mecca, Mansa Musa, the emperor of the Mali Empire, stopped in Cairo. 

His return to Timbuktu was accompanied by numerous Arab velvet manufacturers. Later, Ibn Battuta describes how Suleyman, the monarch of Mali, donned an Eid kaftan made entirely of locally sourced crimson velvet. 

Assistant cooks were seen dressed in blue skirts, conical helmets, and large Bursa velvet pants during the rule of Mehmed II.

Types Of Velvet Fabric Available

Velvet production became significantly more affordable with the invention of the machine looms, and the marvels of velvet were finally accessible to people on the lowest social strata, thanks to the creation of synthetic textiles that resemble silk in some ways.

  • Chiffon Velvet: This ultra-sheer type of velvet, often known as transparent velvet, is frequently used in formal clothing and evening attire. It looks gorgeous on the wearer. If you are looking for such plain velvet fabric online, then contact us to get yours today. 
  • Crushed velvet: Crushed velvet, one of the most characteristic types of velvet, gives a variable texture that is produced by pressing or twisting the cloth while it is still wet. Crushed velvet doesn’t have a smooth surface; it rises and falls in an intriguingly unpredictable and organic way. This type is best suited for draperies.
  • Velvet with embossing: This particular velvet is embossed with inscriptions, symbols, or other patterns. The embossed area is a little bit shorter than the surrounding velvet, and in many cases, you can feel the embossing effect when you touch it.
  • Hammered velvet: This sort of velvet, which is among the glossiest, has been firmly pressed or smashed rather than crushed. The end product is a speckled cloth that is very similar to an animal’s warm, velvety coat.
  • Lyons velvet: This variety of velvet is substantially denser than other types of material, creating a stiff textile that is perfect for a variety of applications in outerwear. Lyons velvet is regarded as one of the most opulent outerwear materials in existence and is used for anything from jackets to hats.
  • Silk Velvet: The ideal velvet for decorating is silk velvet. It is made of a lightweight, superior cloth with a smooth finish and an excellent drape. It is not only the costliest but is also challenging to acquire. Imitations are available, but everyone knows the worth of the original one. 


Today, it is not just nobility who flaunts velvet dresses, and people from all walks of life can enjoy the royal look the fabric provides. Check out the velvet fabric price per meter at our store to get your fabric choice. 

Velvet is still regarded as a material for draperies, comforters. Stuffed animals. And a variety of other things that are intended to be as soft and cuddly as imaginable. Even though modern velvet fabric may not be as pure or unique as velvet from the past. The present velvet fabric is available all through online stores, and that is the most important to consider today. The velvet material is readily available today. Buy velvet fabric online from us to get the best deals.