Online Search

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Umer Malik

Online search has evolved over the years, which is why people find it hard to track its growth. From text-based search, all of a sudden we are using voice-based search. Today, it feels like voice search has been working well for years.

The growth of online search has been significant. All you have to do is type in the keywords let’s say “What is Charter Spectrum cable” and accurate information appears right in front of your screen. You can get answers to any question, find exactly what you are looking for, and probably even discover more. Today, search isn’t an online luxury, it is a digital necessity. Google dominates the online search world to this date, but this might change. Let’s explore the future of online search and what lies ahead of us.

Mobile-First for the Smartphone Generation

Search engines emerged way before the adoption of smartphones. Today, innovators such as Huawei are focusing on the mobile experience as a priority. The company has launched a “petal search”, which is a mobile-first search engine for Huawei itself as well as other Android devices.

Since search experiences shape how we shop online and discover information, this innovation might turn out to be a breakthrough in the industry. This app will enhance the digital lifestyle experience for modern customers.

When a user uses their smartphone, they want a quick and instant response experience. Hence a search engine must facilitate in making the experience easier. The slick interface of the app is quick in displaying the information you would like to see and making navigation easier. This mobile-first experience could be the start of something new.

Personalization and Prediction 

You may call Google a data company because its advertising network relies on its ability to give advertisers a lot of meaningful data about their targets. The search results rely on user data based on their demographics, previous search history, their online searches, and more.

There are good chances that Google’s data-centric search model might become even more powerful by being driven by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the future. This will allow Google to predict your searches before you even execute them. It will provide you results they think you need. The search results will be tailored as per the individual’s user profile.

Search Context Continues to Remain the King

Some say that different search engines might adapt to search trends by creating different verticals. Contractual and niche search engines will transform the future of search within the app. For instance, on Instagram, user-generated content can now be searched via keyword. This makes it convenient for the user to use in-app search overs such as Bing for searching posts they are interested in.

Search platforms tied to particular actions will gain momentum and probably remain the preferred choice. Existing platforms will have to enhance their search capabilities for meeting the demands of the user.

The Era of Assertive Search

Assertive search is another trend that will transform online search. It’s all about meeting the needs of the user before the query is expressed as a keyword search. Soon, we will see more cases where the assertive search will help people meet their needs before it’s even expressed in the form of a keyword.

As this evolves, we will see more cases where it will help people find recommendations and inspiration or might as well narrow down their purchase options. It might also provide suggested text or email replies by accurate autofill for the search queries. Change is on its way, and this could be a case of adaptation or survival.

Summing Up

Google may not remain everyone’s go-to search engine. The recent IPO filings of Airbnb suggest that Google pushed its platform down in its search ranking by favoring Google’s vacation and travel search tool. It’s also in the news that Apple is building its own search engine. This shows that brands have awakened to the bias of the existing search channels. Change is on its way!