We regularly use our HP printer, but sometimes the HP printer says offline. It interrupted our ongoing work. We can easily solve offline errors by using troubleshooting steps. Sometimes it works properly on Windows and Macs. There are various reasons why an HP printer says offline but is online. 

Your printer might be offline for several reasons. A printer cable might be faulty, or a printer driver is corrupted. It needs an update, or it is not installed. There may be some settings that are incorrect on your printer, or you may have an open or incomplete print job that is causing an error. We’ll go over how to fix an HP printer says offline on Windows and Mac. 

Methods to Fix HP Printer Says Offline in Windows 

Whenever our printer status is offline on a Windows computer, we can follow these troubleshooting steps. There is a need to plug in the printer and turn it on. We must check whether the printer is active. Now we can start using these methods. 

Reboot the PC

When we restart our laptop or PC, it fixes, the HP printer says offline but is online. We can easily restart our PC and fix the offline printer issue.

Power Cycle of HP Printer

Turning off and on a printer again often fixes problems, including an offline printer. Reconnect the printer after a few seconds of turning it off, unplugging it, and plugging it back in. Restart it and try again. Continue troubleshooting if it still shows offline. There is a need to check our network connection. When we use a wireless printer, we can attach a network connection to a PC. It is also crucial to check the network with the attached other devices. If they are working, it means the network is going well. 

Connect Printer With Network or Computer

When we are not properly connected to the printer with a computer or network, it shows the HP printer says offline. There is a need to plug cables securely so it properly works. We can also review wireless connectivity. It has become easy to visit the official website of HP printers. There is a need to run a connectivity test and check it is accurately attached.

Change Printer Status

Sometimes our HP printer is set to offline mode. It is imperative to check and change its status from offline to online. After this, the HP printer says offline will be fixed.

Update Printer Driver

Install the most recent printer driver. Incompatible or outdated drivers can cause a printer to display an offline status. We can go to the official website of HP printers and check new updates. After this, we can download and install it on our PC. When we update the driver, it resolves the issue. 

Uninstall and Reinstall the Printer

We can uninstall the printer. After this, there is a need to restart the computer. Now we again reinstall the printer. It helps in solving HP printer says offline but online.

Ways to Fix HP Printer Says Offline on Mac

We can fix the error on a Mac with the same steps. Most of the time we use the same steps, but some ways are different from them. Here we check methods to fix the HP printer says offline but online.

Turn the Mac off and Back On

We can also solve the Mac problem with restart our Mac device. There is a need to turn off and turn on the device. Now we check problem is solved or not.

Power Cycle of HP Printer

We can also perform a power cycle on the HP printer because sometimes simple steps will fix the problem. Now we turn off the printer and unplug it. Here, we need to wait for a few seconds. Now plug it in again. We can turn it on and review if the offline status is changed or not.

Attach Printer With Network or PC

We must attach our printer to the network or computer. When it is not properly connected, it shows an offline status. It is imperative to connect to the network and attach cables properly.

Set Printer as Default

We must set our printer as the default printer. Sometimes we cannot check settings. There is a need to check settings and make your printer’s default mode. It resolves the HP printer says offline error.

Delete Open Print Jobs 

There is a need to delete open print jobs. It can get stuck because of a backlog and send the printer offline. After deleting the print jobs, we can again add them. 

Reset the Mac’s Printing System

The printing system on your Mac needs to be reset. The Mac’s printing system can be reset if all else fails. It can do with caution because it removes several permissions and settings. 

Wrap Up 

We can use the above methods to fix the HP printer says offline but is online error. It is easier to solve a problem in Windows and Mac. Users can read all the instructions and follow the methods perfectly.