social media marketing

The first social network in history, Six Degrees, was created in January 1997 in New York (USA). Today, 25 years later, it is estimated that more than 4,550 million people use some type of social network on a daily basis throughout the planet. Therefore, the growth of these platforms is one of the most relevant phenomena of this beginning of the century and is conditioning the development of society, to the point of creating new paradigms in fields such as marketing.

Currently, any campaign that wants to be successful must give social media marketing the importance it deserves. These work like a huge loudspeaker that has the ability to reach large audiences in a direct and personalized way; although at the same time they require highly specialized work to get the most out of them.

All this leads us to reflect on the reasons why social networks should not be missing from any marketing strategy today. Will you join us to discover them?

What is social media marketing?

We can define it as the set of techniques that seek to make a brand known through social networks, as well as sell its products or services. They can encompass the management of the profile or profiles of one or several platforms of this type, to transmit messages that are adapted to each of them, while always maintaining a common tone and strategy.

Among the activities that can be carried out in social media marketing are:

  • The creation of brand profiles,
  • The maintenance of the same and the production of their contents,
  • The processes of interaction with your followers,
  • Investment in advertising and the preparation of social ad campaigns,
  • The definition of metrics to collect and analyze your data,
  • Constant optimization to improve and achieve the desired results.

As you can see, social media marketing is much more than regularly posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It is an art in itself and requires a mastery of the characteristics of each platform, as well as a deep understanding of the types of people present on them. And it is that, for example, we will not try to sell clothes in the same way on Twitter as on Instagram, because their audiences and their possibilities are very different.

Why should social networks be part of marketing strategies?

In case the fact that we have presented to you at the beginning about its popularity around the world has not yet convinced you, here are other reasons why you should not forget about social networks if you want your brand to be more relevant today :

They help define brands and humanize them. Social networks are a magnificent mechanism to define the identity of companies and set a specific strategic line. Everything that is published on these platforms can end up having a huge impact, in such a way that they invite us to take great care of the messages and to generate valuable content, to create trust and transmit credibility.

They are a great loudspeaker to reach brands. The simple fact of being present on social networks, through one or several of their platforms, is a good way to advertise without having to invest a single euro. Every social media marketing company in Dubai can decide the importance it attaches to them, but having them is already an important step towards becoming part of their universe and having the ability to generate communities around them.

They provide an ideal channel to offer a personalized service. These platforms allow two-way communications, so companies also use them to complement their customer service. Through their messages, customers can ask questions, carry out procedures, access discounts or promotions, or simply get information.

They are a great source of information about users. At the same time that privacy becomes more important on the Internet and the information that companies can access is limited, social networks function as a source of data. It is enough to listen to its users to better understand their tastes, preferences and needs, so a correct analysis of their activity in these environments can help improve decision-making about campaigns.

Facebook on mobile screen

They generate traffic and consolidate the digital marketing strategy. Framed within a broader work, they are a great complement to boost websites and blogs, creating traffic, attracting customers and promoting sales. In fact, they can be used naturally to promote your own content, so that they become the best ‘ambassadors’ for everything that has to do with your brand.

They offer a very profitable channel for investment, thanks to their ability to segment.