LinkedIn is not only crowded with job seekers looking for vacancies or training opportunities. With over 800 million registered accounts, the platform users have different characteristics from other social media users, where there are fewer teenagers and more adult professionals. 

LinkedIn becomes a goldmine for B2B marketers to generate leads as they can easily find prospects using its searching tools. LinkedIn also provides filters based on industry, company size, years of experience, and more background options.

Even though LinkedIn searching tools may ease marketers in sending outreach messages strategically, creating an outreach message is still tricky without knowing the right strategy. 

Therefore, we’ve compiled steps to build a LinkedIn outreach message strategy to help you generate leads faster. Without waiting any further, let’s get started!

Find Prospects and Get Connected

As mentioned before, LinkedIn has a variety of search filters to find specific groups of people. So you can easily make your way to meet the targeted prospects. 

If you want to level up the job, consider spending money on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It has many valuable marketing features, such as advanced lead and company search.

After finding your target, send a connection request to them. Once you get connected, you can see emails on their homepage. Or, you can send outreach messages from the message feature on LinkedIn.

Create a Personalized LinkedIn Message

Creating a personalized LinkedIn message is an absolute job if you want to appeal to people. Never send the same automatic messages to all of your prospects cause it’s a waste of time and energy.

Consider grouping your target perspectives into categories, such as industry, company size, job positions, or other factors. Also, look for what they have been up to or their most recent post or activity.

Knowing a slice of your audience’s background is very helpful in creating an engaging personalized outreach message. This way, you can build trust and relationships faster with your prospects. 

Send Valuable Messages and Hook from the Start

Focus on crafting valuable messages and be less promotional. Audiences show better engagement when they receive helpful messages. In contrast, promotional messages may only last a blink of an eye.

The big question is, ‘how do we craft a valuable message and hook prospects from the start?‘ A crucial thing to remember is that; an outreach message is not about yourself but your audience. 

So rather than focusing on explaining yourself and your achievements, it’s better to mention your audience’s recent activities. Knowing your audience well is necessary to impress and appeal to them. 

Avoid Long Messages 

In a fast-paced society, people often tend to be busy and ignore long messages. Therefore, make your outreach message straightforward to ensure audiences completely digest it.

Briefly greet and appeal to your audiences in the first two lines. Then, continue bending your email by stating your purpose. You need to be transparent and lay on the line.

Moreover, it’s vital to know your audience’s background to create an appropriate outreach message to impress them. Also, sending good messages will show your attitude and professionality.

Include Strong CTA

You can’t forget to place a strong CTA (Call-to-action) in your outreach message. It’s possible to put two CTAs, but make sure one of them is a gentle CTA.

Place your gentle CTA in the body of the email, and make it blend well with your messaging reasons. Then, put a strong CTA at the end of your email to drive the audience to do the desired actions.

For example, ‘click now’, ‘sign up now’ or’ join now’. To strengthen your CTA, include edgy words, like mentioning remaining positions or periods.


Another important step when doing a LinkedIn outreach message is to do a follow-up, especially if audiences show interest. Besides, it will be best if you add new value or information in your follow-up message.

As the number of LinkedIn users keeps growing in the future years, it’s a legit place for B2B marketers to do their job. Sending outreach messages on LinkedIn is not only effective for generating leads but also improves conversion rates.