Many strategies can be done to attract customers so that they convert immediately. One of the best techniques you can apply is the solution selling technique in your marketing strategy.

Solution selling is a technique that focuses on meeting customer needs. It has become popular since the 1980s and is one of the most used sales strategies in every business.

This technique is still often used today because of its effectiveness in providing the solutions desired by potential customers with the products or services you have. According to a survey, 70% of buyers agree that an attractive seller can come up with a good solution.

So, to attract more customers’ attention, you need to know the steps of solution selling. Here are five steps to sell the solution, not just the product.

1. Identify Common Pain Points

Research potential customers and identify their pain points. Look for ways in which your company’s products or services can meet your customers’ needs. That way, you can attract the attention of customers effectively.

Measure the value your product or service will provide to your customers whenever possible. Use numbers such as money, time, and other saved resources. 

You can customize your solution and create the ideal product or service package to meet their needs and eliminate their problems.

2. Focus on Education Instead of Promotion

The next step is to provide education to customers much better than doing promotions. Through education, consumers can find out the right solution for them.

There are several ways to educate customers and potential buyers to generate sales, such as creating a blog that addresses industry problems and making presentation videos about how your product or service can solve the needs of your customers and their company.

From here, they can also see which products are quality and which are not. Through education to customers and potential buyers, the value of your solutions will also be more visible.

3. Develop Your Questions

In solution selling, asking customers is an essential part. This technique emphasizes empathy so that you can properly form the relationship between the seller and the customer.

Generally, the seller will prepare a list of questions before meeting with customers. So, later the seller will find it easier to find out the most appropriate solution for the needs of their customers and their company.

4. Highlight Your Differences

Providing solutions to your customers alone will not be enough to compete in the business world. You must be able to show your customers that your answer is the best of your competitors.

You can convince your customers by highlighting your differences from others, showing the advantages of your products or services and how they can help them solve their problems. It will help you to stand out from your competitors.

5. Sell the True Value

Last but not least is to focus on selling the actual value of your business. When you focus on selling unique solutions and values, you can price wars, and companies can provide complete service to potential customers.

Interestingly, how can your customers compare you to them if you offer a solution that your competitors don’t? It will be the most excellent opportunity to let your customers see the potential of your products or services.

For example, you provide services for explainer video production and provide not only the design but the overall explainer video, while your competitor only offers the design. Your prices will undoubtedly be uncomparable to potential customers.

So when you sell a solution that customers need, you will easily attract and turn them into buyers.


If you want to attract more customers and increase sales, implementing solution selling into your business marketing strategy is the right decision. With solution selling, the salesperson can identify the prospect’s pain points. 

Then offer a suitable product purchase solution to meet their needs. Moreover, you can apply the five steps above to help you do solution selling appropriately and effectively. So, it’s time for you to practice selling solutions to your business.