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Do you also believe that PDF files cannot be edited or changed? Well, if you believe so… you might be wrong here. And the best part about making changes or editing a PDF file is that you don’t have to pay a big amount for doing so! Now, it can be done easily by following simple steps. If you are wondering how we can split a large PDF file into multiple PDF files, you have landed on the right page. In this blog, I am going to tell you about simple steps to split PDF large file into multiple PDF files. So, let’s get started. 

Effective Ways to Split Large PDF into Multiple PDF Files 

  1. By Using Advanced PDF Manager

Advanced PDF Manager is developed by Tweaking Technologies. It is an amazing software that helps users in making changes to PDF files easily. This software is the most cost-effective software among all software for editing PDF files. This software is available for $40 as a one-time fee which makes it cheaper after comparing it with other software. Follow the below-mentioned steps to split a large PDF file into multiple PDF files using Advanced PDF Manager: 

Step 1: Install or Download Advanced PDF Manager on your PC. 

Step 2: After installing and setting up the software, you can also continue to the trial version which is completely free. 

Step 3: Now, select the PDF file to be split into multiple files. 

Step 4: After selecting the files, click on the Split button and confirm the number of pages you wish the large file to be split. 

Step 5: After selecting the number of pages, click on the Split button. 

Step 6: Wait for a while and click on the Save As button to save the multiple PDF files. That’s it. 

Below are some of the amazing and attractive features of Advanced PDF Manager: 

  • Comes with password security and removal option 
  • Pages in the PDF can be removed and added as well 
  • Users can also make a copy of PDF files and print them easily 
  • PDF files can be easily opened and read with the help of Advanced PDF
  • Users can also rotate or rearrange pages 
  • By Using Acrobat DC

If you are using Acrobat DC for splitting a large file into multiple PDF files, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to do so: 

Step 1: Open the Acrobat DC on your PC. 

Step 2: Open the PDF file to be split into multiple files. 

Step 3: Select the “Organize Pages” button and then go to the “Split” button. 

Step 4: Select how you want to split the PDF file into multiple PDF files. 

Step 5: After selecting, wait for a while. 

Step 6: Now, you can name and save the split files. 

Step 7: Click the “OK” button to splitting the files. 

Step 8: Now, you can save the split files as new files. 

  • By Using Google Chrome 

Did you know that you can also split files using Google Chrome as well? Well, Google Chrome offers an amazing feature that lets users split PDF files into multiple PDF files. If you want to use this hidden feature, follow the below-mentioned steps to use Google Chrome for splitting a large PDF file into multiple PDF files: 

Step 1: Begin the process by opening your large PDF file in Google Chrome. 

Step 2: In the second step, you will have to provide a print command to your PC. Press “Ctrl+P” or just simply press the click on the Print icon. 

Step 3: After doing so, a window will appear on the screen. Herein, you will have to enter the required page numbers. 

Step 4: After entering the numbers, hit the “Save” button. That’s it. 

  • By Using Free Online PDF Tools 

Users can easily split any large PDF file into multiple PDF files by just using any free web-based application from the web. There are hundreds of tools available on the web that helps users to split their PDF files. You can use various web-based tools. But if you do it regularly, we recommend using the software. 

I hope this blog helps you with splitting a large PDF file into multiple PDF files easily and instantly.