Home Loan EMI Calculator

Home loan calculators are very useful in calculating the monthly EMI of your home loan. Using the EMI calculator the bank provides, you can know the total amount you need to pay to your lender and your interest rates, which will help you make a fair decision about your home loan repayment plan. Furthermore, these HDFC Home Loan EMI calculators are quite easy to use, and all you need to do is provide your personal information, along with details of the property, like its value and size.

Utilise HDFC Home Credit EMI Number Calculator

Using the HDFC Home Loan Calculator is a simple and quick way to figure out how much your monthly payments would be. The calculator is quite accurate, considering different tax scenarios and interest rates for easy comparison between loans. It’s easy to use, too: plug in the initial loan amount, choose your tenure, input any pre-payments or other applicable figures, and you’ll know immediately what you can expect as far as monthly instalments are concerned. 

The best part? You can conveniently find this handy little tool on the homepage of the HDFC website, so it’s always at your fingertips when you need it. No more wasting time looking up complicated formulas or wondering what options are available to you to ensure that you’re getting a competitive rate.

How to Work HDFC Home loan?

The first step in the loan process is calculating the Effective Monthly Instalment for your home loan. This can be done using an online Home Loan Calculator or a simple pen and paper. Let’s take a glance at how this performs on both. The entire home loan amount is divided by 12, then multiplied by the interest rate percentage of the particular plan to come up with monthly interest charges. 

If you want to know what these figures are every month before you take out a mortgage, use the HDFC Home Loan Calculator. So now you know how to figure out how much you will pay per month before even getting approved for a mortgage.

Advantages of operating HDFC Home Loan EMI Calculator

The following are the advantages of using HDFC Home Loan EMI calculator: 

  • HDFC Home Loan calculators are really easy to use and offer many benefits

For one, it is free and doesn’t require registering before you can start utilising it. The most useful function permits clients to choose between two modes – ‘Basic Mode’ or ‘Advanced Mode’. The Basic mode offers more questions, while the Advanced mode provides less but can calculate everything from different types of loans to loan EMIs and Total Cost Over Tenure. There’s also an HFC Calculator (home loan calculator) for mobile devices, which can be downloaded free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • All you want to be aware of your EMI

The easy-to-use HDFC Home Loan calculator, powered by ClearTax, considers various loan tenures and interest rates. Some benefits include the estimated amount to be repaid and interest payments for a certain period. It also suggests how much you must compensate monthly to reimburse your loan faster with minimum interest.


With everything considered, the Home Loan EMI Calculator can be utilised by anybody. It does not require much calculation knowledge and takes just a few minutes to put in your information. The calculator produces an accurate result for easy budgeting and planning. As such, when looking to buy a home or invest in one, it is worthwhile taking out the calculator and entering your information to get a sense of how long you will be able to sustain this investment without going into debt.

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