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As a practicing physician, it can be difficult to know which software to use in your practice even if comes to Medical MasterMind. Choosing a new system can be time-consuming, and it takes your focus away from patient care. However, it is vital that you know the features of the software that you are considering. For example, a claims management feature may be of interest to your practice if you handle billing in-house. However, you may not need this functionality if you outsource billing to an outside agency.

Benefits of Medical MasterMind EHR:

There are several medical office software programs that can help you run your practice more efficiently. These programs allow you to track and process patient bills, as well as provide detailed financial reports. The software even lets you customize your reports, such as showing the error rate on certain bills or how old a patient’s balance is.


A good Hospital Management Software should have the ability to be customized to fit the needs of a hospital or health system. Software vendors typically develop their solutions based on industry standards and market needs, but every hospital and health system has unique requirements. A software vendor should be willing to allocate resources to customize the solution to meet each hospital’s specific needs. It should also be able to estimate how long customizations will take.


Medical Mastermind is a web-based health IT software solution that offers integrated EHR and practice management capabilities for medical practices. It helps streamline the processes of medical practice by automating patient records, scheduling, billing, and patient registration. This solution is certified for HIPAA compliance and is approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services for use in healthcare facilities.

The MSHI concentration is available online or on campus and focuses on healthcare data analysis and processing. The rapid growth of healthcare data means that professionals with data analytics expertise are essential for improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. The program also teaches students interdisciplinary data science, preparing them for a variety of important roles in the healthcare industry.

In-house billing:

While medical billing is becoming more convenient and efficient, in-house billing departments have certain drawbacks. These departments are often vulnerable to employee neglect and embezzlement. With that said, it is worth looking into the pros and cons of in-house billing before making the leap.

Outsourcing the billing process may save your practice money. This approach reduces staff burden, improves collection rate, and decreases denials. It also provides on-demand reports and enables you to manage the billing process. However, this method is more expensive and will require you to pay a subscription fee, flat fee, or per transaction.

Medical billing is a complex process. Not only must you worry about HIPAA privacy laws and PHI security, but you also have to deal with an enormous amount of insurance claims. If you don’t take care of them properly, you’ll face huge liabilities. If you don’t pay attention to encounter forms, discard superbills, or fail to appeal claim denials, your practice will be exposed to a host of liabilities.

Reviews of Medical MasterMind:

Following are the reviews of Medical MasterMind from Software Finder.

  1. Using it for about a year now and couldn’t be happier! Medical mastermind has helped us in multiple specialties and documents for patient information.
  2. When one of our patients went out of their way to appreciate how easy using our software has been for them. I immediately came to the website to leave this review.
  3. It has been great for our small clinic and has helped us eliminate the paper. All our data is on the web and easily accessible anytime
  4. A colorful and eye-catching screen layout helps to understand what’s being displayed. Very user-friendly.

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