Dedicated Server Singapore

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People who have been working in the web hosting industry very well know that the dedicated web server is the superior web hosting solution one can have. However, there are many of them who find it difficult to opt for a dedicated server because of its high-cost price as compared to other web hosting servers. So, through this guide, we will provide you the insights into how the dedicated server Singapore is completely worth your money investment & can give you the desired outcomes while hosting your website. Let’s first begin with apprehending the functioning & significance of dedicated server hosting. 

About Dedicated Server In Singapore

The dedicated server provides a kind of web hosting service that enables you to acquire the access to entire server’s hosting space & web resources. It enables you to obtain high processing power & considerable data storage for hosting your website. 

With the Best Dedicated Server Singapore, you can easily surpass the restrictions as well as limitations of all the other types of web hosting solutions. It further gives you complete control of your web hosting platform. So, you get the possibility to run, administer and manage your dedicated server in Singapore exactly as you need & desire. 

Pros & Cons of Dedicated Server Singapore Hosting

There are a lot of high-level hosting benefits you get with Singapore dedicated server hosting compared to the few cons it may offer. Let’s get a glance at both sides!

Advantages/Pros of Using Dedicated Server Singapore Hosting

  • Under dedicated server web hosting, you obtain high accessibility to web resources for hosting your website. Your web host provides you with dedicated resources that are not supposed to be shared & used by other websites or users until you permit. 
  • You get the privilege to customize your web hosting server just as you require. You can run any operating system or program needed for your website or application. 
  • You can acquire full root access control of your dedicated server in order to configure, operate, and manage it by yourself without any interference. 
  • The dedicated web server provides an autonomous, private & secure web hosting environment for your website. This enables you to implement robust data protection against all outside threats. Further, you also get the authority to execute any number of security layers from your end. 
  • With dedicated server web hosting, your website obtains the maximum uptime, optimal performance, and highest network connectivity. This further helps your website attain the top search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. 

Disadvantages/Cons of Dedicated Server Singapore Hosting 

  • The hosting plans of a dedicated server come at higher rates than other types of web hosting plans.
  • With dedicated server web hosting, you get the responsibility of managing the entire web hosting space.
  • Users with less technical knowledge can find it complicated to deal with dedicated server web hosting. 

Is Buying a Dedicated Server in Singapore Worth It?

If you desire to make the most out of your dedicated server, you must seek a dependable as well as renowned web host. Here we can easily suggest you the Serverwala data center without any hesitation. Serverwala is the industry-leading & most reliable data center worldwide. 

It is popular for rendering the best dedicated server Singapore at the most affordable cost pricing, which provides high value for your investment. Further, the data center provides hyper-scale hosting facilities based on resilient web technologies & top-tier infrastructure. Mentioned below are some of the highly beneficial hosting features you receive with all the Serverwala’s dedicated server hosting plans – 

Service level agreement

Serverwala data center offers service level agreement with its every dedicated server hosting plan, which assures at least 99.90% uptime, 100% SSD (Solid-State Drives) data storage & secure network channels. 

24/7/365 Technical as well as customer assistance

You acquire round-the-clock technical & customer service support from the data center. A team of proficient & experienced specialists remains available to render you the most promising solutions to your every query or issue. 

Control panel options

With Serverwala’s dedicated server, you get the choice to select the required control panel from the options of most effective & user-friendly ones. This enables you to smoothly host your website without requiring much technical expertise. Also, the data center offers a free Softculous one-click installer.

Advanced data security

With the bare-metal dedicated server Singapore, you also obtain progressive data security measures such as DDoS protection, antivirus software, end-to-end encryption, malware scan etc. Your website also receives the SSL certificate free of cost. 

Final Conclusion

Buying the cheap dedicated server Singapore for hosting your website returns a high monetary value & maximum business profitability. With dedicated server web hosting service, you can acquire everything you can require to successfully host your website. It provides high customizability, server root access control, ultimate data security, hosting flexibility, and many other administrative privileges. 

Further, you can purchase the most suitable Singapore dedicated server hosting plan from the Serverwala data center. The data center also offers seamless customer support & high-grade web hosting features with its bare-metal dedicated servers. On the other side, it also lets you acquire fully managed web hosting services if you are unsure of managing your web hosting server on your own. Browse right away the official website of Serverwala data center to obtain more details about the leading yet most feasible unmanaged & managed dedicated server plans.